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Great subject. A lot of new murals have been commissioned in our neighborhood, and we have been thinking of conducting a similar project.

Thank you for the inspiration.

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Join us as we explore the world though the street photography tag on Here you’ll find no airport lineups, no grumpy customs agents, and you never get the middle seat.

On belgianstreets, photographer Andy Townend recently shot “stripfeest,” an annual comics festival held in Brussels, Belgium. We loved how Andy captures this young reader fully ensconced in his comic book. An avid photographer, Andy is also a regular contributor to The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Photo by Andy Towned Photo by Andy Townend

We were intrigued by the untold stories in Michael Wilson’s photo, “the flower seller,” on his site, BrooklynBystander. Taken in Adelaide, South Australia, the photo below documents a brief moment of commerce. We look at it and wonder: who is it that these gentlemen bought flowers for — perhaps a friend, a relative, a lover, or maybe themselves?

Photo by Michael Wilson Photo by Michael Wilson


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Three Quick Customization Ideas For Your Blog

I worked with a writing specialist for one year, and it was a great experience. I learned that my writing had a lot of clutter. I was given to long-winded introductions that were not necessary. My coach would draw big X’s on my papers and say “get to the point”.

Writing for digital media does require clear and concise content. Also, instructions on how to properly use the features in WordPress is a big help.

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Looking to add a few custom tweaks to your blog? Interested in simple ways to personalize your site? Read on.

Display a Text Widget for updates

In the first Declutter Your Prose post, we suggested avoiding phrases like “Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been…” Readers reiterated this suggestion in the second post of the series, saying you don’t have to apologize for not posting, or explain to readers where you’ve been.

Instead of diluting a post introduction with this information, consider adding a Text Widget to the top of your sidebar for updates, like a “Where am I?” blurb for travel writers or a “What I’m reading now” message for book bloggers. You can use this space for general news or specific details about a project, upcoming event, and more. Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 5.37.42 PM

Get started: Go to Appearance → Widgets, drag the Text Widget to the area where you’d like it to appear…

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September is National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month

By Ginger Davis


The national Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA), lead the initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia, also known as Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) to be observed national in 1975.  The organization and its members held events for an entire month, across the country to bring attention to SCD and raise awareness.

SCDAA succeeded in its efforts to gain recognition nationally for this genetically inherited disorder in 1983 when the House of Representatives passed with a unanimous vote, to have September designated as National Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month. The resolution was then presented to President Jimmy Carter, to which he signed in August of 1983.

Since 1983, community-based organizations serving the needs of individuals and families living with sickle cell disease have been hosting events, namely, workshops, symposiums, conferences, walk-a-thons, and performances to raise awareness for sickle cell, and to raise funds to support research, public education and direct services to families.

Alpha & Beta Globin chains of the hemoglobin molecules.
Alpha & Beta Globin chains of the hemoglobin molecules.

Sickle cell anemia is a genetic anomaly that affects the beta-globin molecule in red blood cells. The effect is caused by the switching of two amino acids in the beta-globin protein chain.  Glutamic acid and Valine switch place and cause healthy red blood cells to turn into a sickled or  crescent shaped cells. The sickled cells become sticky and clump together in small blood vessel, causing what is known as a vaso-occlusive crisis. Crisis is the medical term used to describe tissue inflammation and pain caused by the sickling process.  SCD is a chronic illness that is emotionally and physically debilitating, as well as life-threatening.

Sickling or vaso-occlusive crisis can occur in muscle tissue, in bones, joins and major organs. This leads to damage and destruction of tissue due to loss of oxygen.  A crisis in the brain is a stroke. Sickling in the lung produces pulmonary infarction or embolism, the sane can happen in the liver or kidneys resulting in failure of these organs. Loss of oxygen supply to bone tissue is called avascular necrosis, which can lead to tiny breaks in the bone that will eventually case the bone to collapse.

Clinical Implications & Complications of SCD

Even with the potential for severe complications, people living with sickle cell disease can live a relatively healthy life with access to comprehensive medical care and holistic lifestyle.  More on that later…

I would like to share two great resources with you – a wonderful educational video created by the Science and Technology Academy of São José do Rio Preto, Brazil; and a friend’s website “Faces of Sickle Cell Disease”.

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Grand Lady of Comedy

Complete Social Media Image Size Guide [INFOGRAPHIC] copy

By: Ginger Davis

I had the opportunity to see Joan Rivers in person at the annual Matrix Awards Luncheon for New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) last year April.

Ms. Rivers was the highlight of the luncheon, where she served as the host. This amazing lady was nonstop funny. I loved her in-your-face, and self-deprecating humor. God bless Joan Rivers, mother, grandmother, comedian, business woman, fashion police commissioner, and role model. You will be missed.

Our condolences and best wished go out to her family.

Joan Rivers, Fashion Police