The Manifestation of An Artistic Mind

The Manifestation of An Artistic Mind
By Kymm Wallace

Marks Fashion Shoot-5

Marc Von Munster enjoyed watching his parents get ready for events for parties and work related events. The process of preparation, selecting the right garments, accessories, grooming of their hair and watching him mom apply makeup was such an art form. “I felt like Alice in my own wonderland. I grew up wanting to be the biggest star in the world”.

He dream to become an apparel designer began at the tender age of 8-years old. “I remember my first experience with fashion happened when I saw Alexander McQueen’s 1998 show on the E! Network. I felt like my entire life changed after watching that show”, said Von Munster.

Red Jellyfish satin with leather collar & tool skirt.
Red Jellyfish satin with leather collar & tool skirt.

Von Munster, a native of Connecticut, moved to New York City after graduating high school to attend Art Institute College (AI).  He loved being in the city, experiencing the sights, sounds, colors and diversity of life. In New York, at AI, Von Munster felt as if he was in his natural element. “I put on performance art pieces when not in school”, said Von Munster. He left AI after the first year, took some time to soak up creative inspiration before returning to Connecticut and to attend Stanford Brown College, where he graduated 2013.

Marc Von Munster started a fashion blog, which he has been editing for 6 years, and has developed a great relationship with its readers.  He has been featured on “” and  Von Munster was also featured in a photo shoot for B1 Fashion, Art & Culture magazines, a digital publication providing a platform to promote emerging artists and designers.

Von Monster participated in an E! online contest, and made the top 20.  The winner of the contest received the opportunity to design a dress to be worn by a celebrity for the 2011 Oscars. 

Von Munster considers him-self an artist.  He has served as the visual director for fashion shows, enabling him to design collections, the stage for productions and films. In 2013, Von Munster designed a dress for Mondo from Project Runway for an aids awareness event.

Marc Von Munster sees himself changing the fashion world by bring stories in the form of garments to people, and freeing creative individuals for the fear of expressing themselves on their sleeves. “As a women’s wear designer, I am committed to helping women feel feminine and comfortable in my clothes, as women should in whatever they wear. I also want women to feel strong and empowered”. Von Munster intends to be a strong influencer for the outcast, because he understands living in that world. That says a lot about his intention to become a fashion innovator!

There is another little boy or girl somewhere, wanting to do the same thing Marc is setting out to do right now. With the great value his parents taught him, their support and that of his friends, Marc Von Munster is determined to show every child they can make it by living their dreams!

MVM Minx 3

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