How Many Calls Does It Take?

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   By Ginger Davis                    Photo by Luna

I recently attended a small business expo.  I was both business person seeking clients and possible collaborations, and a consumer scouting for vendors to provide support services.

There were a lot of companies like ours offering public relations and marketing services, web design firms, insurance providers and technology companies. I dropped my card into a few baskets or exchanged cards with exhibitors after being pulled into a booth to hear their rep’s elevator pitch. In these instances, I expected to hear from the companies that I had given my cards to. One woman, whose company had a very interesting personality profile software program, took the time to communicate with me via email, while on vacation at Lake Como, Italy. I ordered her to stop working and enjoy her present surroundings. Now that is a committed employee.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the calls and emails I received from premium exhibitors and sponsors who paid for the privilege of gaining access to the registration list to use in direct marking campaigns.

Weeks after the expo, I am still receiving calls and emails from companies I did not choose to engage with.

In all fairness, as a business in a competitive market like New York, aggressive marketing is a mandatory activity. However, how many unanswered calls and emails do you have to log before you accept that that prospect is not interested? I was hoping, by the fourth unanswered voice message, that the caller would get point. No such look. I finally called back to say that we were not interested and to please have our company’s contact information removed for their marketing list.

One could get annoyed by persistent solicitations, though if you look at things fairly and consider yourself and your company in the same position, persistence, tenacity, and the drive to succeed in your market will probably cause you to annoy a few people along the way.

The answer to the question of how many calls or emails is enough, has to be decided upon by the leadership of each company. Whatever limit you set can and should be superseded if the potential for success exists. Use your mission organizational goals guide your marketing efforts.

And, don’t be annoyed if we happen to call you persistently. Sometimes it’s just to say hello.


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